Faults in Examination System – What Discourages Real Learning ?

Essay/ Article on Faults in Education System

There are many Faults in the Examination system in India and some of the parts of the world.Some the students of classes 10th to 12th use illegal means to the secure good marks in the exam and more than the deserving Students who put their a lot of efforts to score good marks and they feel very bad about it.

There are many problems in our education system so we will not be able to cover all the problems so we are telling you about some of the problems which are as follows-:

1) Education system in our country promotes  Rat Race-:

The education Nowadays is basically a Rat race among the Students in our country.The Students have to read and mug up all the textbook without the understanding of the syllabus.

2) Nowadays the biggest problem in the Examination system is that their are many of the questions which have changed over the period of time and the Students face difficulty in understanding the questions  so to overcome this problem the Schools take the Unit Tests and the Mid Term Exams.

3) Teachers them self are not Trained and Efficient-:

Nowadays teachers in the Government are not Trained and Efficient and they are not sufficient able to teach the Kids so these Teachers spoil the future of the students .so tro improve this problem the Teachers should be well trained and efficient .

4) Medium of the Language of our Education system-:

Still we are not able top decide the Language of our Education system .It is still the English Language which is given the importance which Majority of children cannot understand.

5) Cheating-:

Many of the children are engaged in cheating nowadays which spoil their future and they are not able to get any Job due to less Knowledge .The best way to improve this problem is that the student who is found cheating should not be allowed to write the exam for 3 Years as in the Boards.

6) Not Useful in Real Life-:

The things which are taught in the chapters or in the classroom are not Real as the stories and the scientific Facts are Just a imaginary concepts these cannot be experienced in the Real life.

At Last I want to say to you all that Don’t engage yourself to Cheating “Try to Work hard and get good marks and Knowledge and get a good and a wonderful Job in the near future”.For more details contact us on our website www.examsheet.in. For other quarries write in the comments box given below.

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