International Yoga Day June 21 – Students can Read Details

International yoga day is celebrated on 21st June . It is celebrated annually from 2015.This day was announced by UNGA(united nation general assembly)on is physically, mentally and spiritually practiced in India. 21 June is also known as the longest day of the year.Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj which means to join.It is an invaluable gift to Indian tradition which keeps our mind and body relaxed.International Day of Yoga

Maharishi patanjali was the father of yoga of yoga who compiled 195 sutras those became the foundation of yoga philosophy.Through some asanas we can keep our body fit.One of the asanas out of the 195 sutras are pascimottasana derived from the word ‘pascima’ meaning posterior and ‘uttana’ meaning to stretch out.This day was  introduced so as to unite people around the globe whose initiative was taken up by the Honorable prime minister of India MR. Narendar Modi .

Information About Yoga Day

This time 300 students and teachers will perform yogic exercises at the United Nations .  the first international yoga day was a very grand occasion celebrated in India . around 35000 people along with the PM and the cabinet ministers performed about 21 asanas in half an hour at Rajpath , New Delhi . On the same day India created 2 world records related to yoga which were for the largest yoga class and highest number of nations taking part in it.

YOGA is the exercise of the body and soul. Now it has become a part and parcel of our busy life. Every morning and evening the parks and yoga centers are seen full of crowd practicing yoga . We also hear cries of laughter by the aged people.

The person  who practice yoga in routine he/she is not likely to catch a disease . It helps to boost the intellectual power of a person. It was not a famous practice among the world before the international yoga day was announced . After the day celebrations were started , it led to a campaign spreading awareness about the benefits of yoga to the people.

I would like to suggest everyone to make yoga a part of your daily life , also if you have a very busy schedule practice it daily for 15 minutes and experience the change.

Celebrate this yoga day with great zeal and enthusiasm.

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