Reasons for Poor Results in Board Exams – Must Read

Almost all the board results have been out. Now this is the time of result analysis. Almost all the newspapers are teemed with this analysis, cursing the boards and teachers for producing poor results. Almost all the main boards have produced around 50 % and in most cases below 50%.

Boards are alleging that teachers are responsible and vice versa. But nobody is picking his finger at the main cause. Let’s discuss some of the main causes of poor results in Board Exams.

1. Poor Infrastructure in the Govt Schools –

Most of the poor results are produced by the Govt schools. Private and Govt-aided schools do far better in the matter of results. So what is the reason ? Why do these schools yield poor results ? The reason is the poor infrastructure. Students don’t have teachers in most of the schools.

In some schools there are teachers but students are not found. If both are available, things required for teaching-learning purpose are missing. There are no books, black-boards, chalks, benches and even rooms. In most of the Govt schools, the students have to sit under the trees in the open grounds. So this poor infrastructure is one of great hurdles in producing good results.

2. Lack of interest –

There is lack of interest in both the teachers and students. Teachers are interested in their salaries, increment and other means of sources. Children are not conscious about their career. Most of time both play truant. So without interest, how can you imagine proper teaching and learning in the class-room ? Syllabi remain incomplete and there are no tests. As a result, education suffers.

3. Government’s apathy –

Governments are also not serious regarding improving the standard of education. They merely focus on formalities such as observing birth anniversaries / days etc. There is no work of filling the vacancy of teachers and providing basis infrastructure.

So it won’t do curse each other. There is the need to do something real. All are responsible. It is rightly said,” It takes two to make a quarrel. ” Teachers, students and the boards will have to improve themselves to produce better results.

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