Strange Questions asked in IAS Interviews and their Answers

When somebody thinks about IAS interview, he starts shivering from inside. His mind becomes numb. And why should it not be so ? IAS interviews are one of the toughest ones in India. The interviewers check the exclusive and inclusive knowledge of the candidates in related and non-related topics.

These questions can cause dizzy even to the so-called scholars of the subject. However, most of these questions need presence of mind and candidates’ intelligence. We are preparing a list of some of such questions asked in the IAS interviews and their right answers.

This article may help you in preparing your mind before the interviews that such questions must be asked and their answers are very easy. You should have only presence of mind.

Peculiar Questions asked in IAS Exams and their intelligent answers –

Q. When you one day get up in the morning and come to know that you are pregnant, what will you do ?

Answer – I’ll be happy and first of all go to my husband to share this information.

Q. How many stairs have you used to reach here ?

Answer – without thinking- 55 stairs

Q. If I elope with your sister, what will you do ?

Answer – There can be no better match than you.

Q. A murderer was given death penalty. He was given three alternatives – One a room with fire, second a room with murderers with deadly weapons and third a room filled with tigers which have been hungry for three years. Which alternative should he choose ?

Answer – The third – room with hungry tigers because they must be dead now for being hungry for three years.

Q. How will you leave the raw egg on the surface lest it should be cracked ?

Answer – The raw egg will not be able to crack the surface.

Q. What is it you can’t eat before breakfast ?

Answer – Lunch and dinner

Q. A cat has three offspring named January, February and March. ‘What’ is the name of the cat.

Answer – What

Q. What looks like a half apple ?

Answer – another half apple.

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